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Building a home can be a daunting task. However, Justus Builders will help you with every detail. You are involved every step of the way when we construct your home. After selecting the home you want us build, you may find you want to make some modifications to the exterior or interior. Want different doors or windows than those called for in the plans you selected? No problem! Want to make the master suite a little larger than the master suite in your plans? No problem? You will get exactly what you want. We are not happy unless you are happy. We can make any changes to your plans you would like.

The key to our ability to build your new home to your detailed specifications is our talented carpentry crew. All of these craftsmen are Justus employees. By having these dedicated employees on our payroll, we maintain complete control over construction and ensure consistent quality from the driving of the first nail to the day we hand you the key to your new home.

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Remember we build not just custom homes but signature homes. To us there is a huge difference. Signature homes means not only that we build exactly what you want, but in addition, we take as much pride in your new home as you do. We build in the Lakelands area of South Carolina, specifically in and around the towns of Greenwood and Ninety Six. Want to see our work? We will be glad to show you! In the Grand Harbor properties alone, we have constructed more than 50 beautiful signature homes.