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CarstensWe worked with Donny starting from a blank page and a rough sketch of what we wanted to do in the way of a floor plan.  During the design and planning stage, Donny shared with us the benefits of his experience, his specific knowledge of what works or does not work in this area, and his creative ideas that helped mold the final product.  His input was always thoughtful and only came after he had listened to us express our wants, needs and dreams for our new home.  We ended up with a design and plan that reflected what we wanted to do for our new home.

Donny was “hands on” involved in all phases of the construction of our house.  He was especially good at monitoring both the “feel” and practicality of the house as it evolved from a blueprint into a finished product.

Donny and his staff made sure of not only the completion of the house but insured that our house became our home.  Donny continues to this day to be interested and involved as we settle into our new home.

Donny doesn’t just build houses, he builds signature HOMES.

Wayne and Connie Carstens

GebickeYears ago we built our first custom home in Maryland.  However, I was not quite sure how to build in South Carolina while living in Maryland.  We were very cautious.  It is a huge decision.  So before we built our new home in South Carolina, we talked with many homeowners and several builders in the vicinity of our lot on Lake Greenwood.  It was amazing because it seemed that just about every homeowner with whom we spoke said the same thing without reservation, "Have Donny Justus build your house".   After speaking with several builders, we quickly realized why Justus Builders came so highly recommended!

Donny has a rare combination of traits--home building experience, imagination, honesty, and integrity.  On top of all that he is so sincere, personable, and easy to work with during and after the building process, that you just know you have more than a builder--you have a new friend.

Our Justus built home is everything we envisioned it to be and more.  It is more because Donny applied his 40 years of experience as a craftsman of signature homes to our home.  One last thing.  Donny doesn't build your home and disappear.  He is a proud man who is proud of every home he builds and stands behind each and every one he has built long after other builders are gone. 

Since we have our dream home, I don't think we will ever build another home.  But I will tell you one thing, if we ever did, Donny will build it!

Mark and Bev Gebicke

KittleDonny was one of three builders we talked too about our home construction here in Grand Harbor.  We immediately liked his personality and way of doing business.  Our home was constructed while we still resided in Michigan.  The entire process went pretty smooth, with only a little hitch here or there.  Any problems with the house since we moved in have been addressed promptly and resolved to our satisfaction.  We would definitely recommend his company to anyone looking to have a custom home built.  We are pleased with the overall quality and comfort our new home provides us.

Ken and Bobbie Kittle

DietelOur building experience with Donny was fantastic.  I thought it would be a tough task to build a house from 600 miles away.   I liked the “staging” of his building schedule. He always told us what would be completed and what we would need to choose for our next inspection.  His scheduling allowed us to work directly with the electrician and several other subcontractors.  This made the whole building process very pleasurable.

Jayne & I appreciated his experience that prevented us from making mistakes in our design. His integrity was reinforced when he gave us credit for materials that were returned to two suppliers.  (How were we to know how much material we would need?)  I was amazed at how open and above board Donny conducts business.  Oh, did we mention...he stands behind his product in an unbelievable way!

If we were to build again, Donny would be our builder!  Thanks again for our beautiful house.

Bob & Jayne Dietel ~ Satisfied customers since 2001

MooreAlthough we had moved about the country, our Grand Harbor house is the first one we had built from design to finished product.  We were even more disadvantaged as we were building “long distance” and were only able to make sporadic trips to meet with Donny and local suppliers.  From the very beginning, however, we felt comfortable with Donny and trusted him to fulfill his agreements with us. As Donny put it, “we bonded!”

Even though we presented Donny with the complete architectural plan, he had some ideas and insights based on his experience that proved to be extremely helpful and added significantly to our storage space, natural lighting, and outside access.  Whenever we had a question or sought Donny's advice, he always steered us in the right direction...from windows to stone facings.  We always felt comfortable with Donny and continue to enjoy his friendship.

Walker and Sandy Moore

SeidelJustus Builders was on time and under budget.  Donny interjects ideas to make your dream home better, but still lets you really build a custom home.  Donny is very honest and trust worthy.

Norm and Linda Seidel

CicaloniHaving to build a house remotely can be a harrowing experience. Donny Justus, of Justus Builders, made this an easy and enjoyable process. His experience, input and professional attitude enabled us to make all the difficult decisions, required of a homeowner, to satisfy our desires and the contractor's schedule. His recommended suppliers were cordial, knowledgeable and helped us to coordinate all the different items into the finished product. Donny’s monthly billing spreadsheets, which itemized expenses against estimates, allowing us to budget and make changes, if necessary, also impressed us. Although we only started this project with a floor plan, Donny was able to visualize the finished home, including details that we would have probably overlooked. His knowledge was invaluable in making our dream home a reality. We would highly recommend Justus Builders to anyone wanting to build a home.

John & Pam Cicaloni

WestbrookMy wife and I have had the pleasure of working with several builders throughout our career travels.  Some who proved to be good and some not so good.  Our good fortune, however, came when we found a "great" builder in Donny Justus.  From the very first meeting to plan our "dream" home to the last detail of handing over the key to the front door, Donny and his Justus Builders personnel were a joy to with whom to work.  His attention to detail is impeccable and his ease of manner for “those” changes that always happen made the experience the best we have ever had in building a home. Most importantly Donny always helped with adding those little touches that made our home turn out even better than we had hoped. An enjoyable experience from start to finish to the follow-up punch list.

Jim and Sharon Westbrook

ToddThe main reason you would want Justus Builders to build your home is the TRUST you will develop in Donny Justus.  He will build your house and follow up on anything that needs to get done, not only after he builds it but over the years.  Donny is a builder that is a neighbor and a friend, which means he doesn't build your house and then leave you high and dry.  He is always there when you need him, by phone or in person!

I would recommend that Justus Builders build your new home because Donny is always around as a builder, friend, and a great neighbor.  To me, his high TRUST & INTEGRITY are the most important traits a successful builder must possess.  If your builder doesn't have these traits, you then have only empty promises.

Gary and Bonnie Todd

ReevesDonny Justus was a pleasure to work with during the construction of our home. Easy to work with, always available, responsive to questions and special requests, and helpful with changes. If we were to ever build another home, Donny Justus would build it!

Barb and Dick Reeves

DahlinMy wife and I contracted with Justus Builder's to build our 4600 sq. ft. home in the Grand Harbor community in the spring of 2005. We came with our own blueprints and our own hands-on experience of building five homes previously in New England.  Donny was easy to work with, was receptive to on-site change orders, and was a gentleman throughout our building experience.

Yes, we like our home very much; the results are as we had hoped for.

Peter and Sandra Dahlin

RobinsonOne of the most important things in the business world is honesty--I shook Donny's hand in lieu of a contract and I never regretted it.  We are very pleased with our Justus Home.

Scott and Terry Robinson

NeumannMy wife and I have built four homes and while building a house can be very stressful, working with Justus Builders made the whole process go much smoother and even enjoyable. Donny Justus has great insight and attention to detail to the whole building process. We love our home.

John & Maryellen Neumann

EngstrandI am extremely pleased with my home in Eagles Harbor built by Justus Builders.  Donny's concern for quality extended well after the construction was completed.  The best complement I could pay him is that we remain friends and every so often play golf together.

David Engstrand

O'SheaWe have lived in our home since March of 2005.  We have enjoyed our home so much.  It has been a wonderful home for us and a great home to entertain our guests.  We thank you Donny. 

Diane and Michael O'Shea

We built our home from a distance (Florida).  As a result, you must put a lot of trust in your builder.  Justus Builders did not disappoint.  I think we stopped in only 3-4 times during construction.  Yet, everything that was promised was delivered.  Donny would take photos and email them during construction.  His subs are high quality craftsmen.  We have built a number of homes over the years, and our home in Grand Harbor is built the best.

That's all great, but the follow-up has been exceptional.  From the checklist to all the little things that happen after the close, Justus Builders takes care of everything.  Even 3 years later, they are still taking care of this customer.

Trust is the key word.  Justus Builders not only builds homes but also builds trust.  Just can't say enough good things...

David and Mary Jo Cox

"It has been 14 months since we moved into our home, and I still walk around and say, "I LOVE MY HOUSE!"  Donny responds quickly to any problems that may occur.  If I were to build another home, it would be with Justus Builders.

Ruple and Karen Harley